Semi-glossy color with thicker cover, 18 pages, printed in 2018 by Conveyor Arts.

In 2017 IU gave me a Grant-In-Aid so that I might print my collages as a series of books

. I wanted to make art objects that could be widely accessible, both elevating the production

values of these deliberately materially crappy pieces and ‘cheapening’ them through their loss

of status as unique art objects. The end result is meant to play with ideas of speed, slickness,

mediation and value.

The collages in this book were mostly done in the Spring of 2017, which was a pretty dark time

in my life. It was totally conceived as a book, and collages were arranged and created based on

the story I thought they’d be capable of telling: something to do with growing up in the northern

New Jersey suburbs,  with all of the images functioning as remnants of something long gone. The title

comes from the Discharge song “The More I See” (The more I see, the less I believe): this

adolescent nihilism resonating with me at the time.

$15. Contact for copies